When artists finally record an old demo/live/other previously unreleased favourite (and is it any good)

You know the score - an artist has an old favourite of some description that’s previously unrecorded or unreleased and a few years or album cycles later it pops up on record for the first time. What are some examples of this and - importantly - was the long awaited studio/ album version a success or a bit of a let down? (Votes on this welcome)


Good thread idea this

I’ll get this started with an obvious one.

True Love Waits appearing on A Moon Shaped Pool - good or a bit disappointing compared to live versions?

  • Good
  • Bit of a let down (pun intended)

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Springsteen putting Land of Hope and Dreams on Wrecking Ball

  • Good or better than good
  • Not as good as live and other versions already out there
  • Both of the above

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You should make these polls public

Can I change that after starting them? (Excuse my ignorance and lack of tech skills)

Nope you definitely can’t.

It’s to stop people doing “who likes inserting [object] up their bum” polls anon and then making them public after the votes have been cast.

True Love Waits?

Surely the big Radiohead one was Man of War, which shockingly was fucking amazing when they finally released it.

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Do a poll then

No need for that much aggression, mate, it’s just an opinion. :wink:

I’ll have you know I’m a very aggressive person when Man Of War is mentioned


Muse turning one of their old live favourite outro riffs into uh, Psycho

  • :worried:

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The Beatles, circa 1995. Kept off the top of the charts by a certain Mr. Jackson. The back story is Lennon wrote this in the late 70’s and the other 3 Beatles alive in the mid 90’s decided they’d had enough of Oasis stealing their thunder and played along with Lennon’s original demo. the last line might be made up by me partially. Either way, utter garbage and a massive EMI money making scam.

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I like “Free As A Bird” :slight_smile:


…and I like your posts pretty much universally on here, and the vibe of your posts.

I do feel The Beatles in 1995 just were not relevant, as great as they were in their day. I guess that boils down to discovered music being enhanced is really the record labels looking to make money, which I have never really gotten on with in an exploitative manner.

It’s not a bad song, but I would say Oasis were more relevant than The Beatles in 1995 and after (What’s The Story) Morning Glory appealing to a new generation the marketing of The Beatles back catalogue, to that generation, when I worked in a record shop and saw this happening felt like money over music to me.


Preferred the scuzzy version they try and record for a film soundtrack in Meeting People is Easy.

But In terms of OKNOTOK I’d say Lift was probably more anticipated?

Nude is a good example for this thread though


Yeah equally I think but for me it’s easier to get ‘nice’ song right for RH than a noisier one (which is more my preference anyway) and I don’t recall reading much about Lift whereas there were huge paragraphs written in the fan sites about MoW being impossible to record or whatever. Amusing to discover in the end it was just RH being weird about it.

These results are inhuman…the song reimagined as a eulogy is one of the peaks of the band’s catalog imo

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GBV did this recently with Bunco Men

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REM - All The Right Friends

Written in 1979, originally recorded in 1983, original recording appeared in 1993 and was then re-recorded for the ‘Vanilla Sky’ soundtrack in 2001. It’s alright.