When David Brent doesn't get promoted


He claims that he turned the job down to save the Slough branch, but the guy finds out that it’s actually because he failed a medical due to his high blood pressure.

What the fuck is all that about? Why would Brent have to undergo a medical assessment to judge his suitability for the role of UK manager of a mid-sized paper merchants? It’s a job in an office, he’s not trying to join the Marines. Is this / was this ever a thing? What kind of conditions were they looking for?


well…what’s worse, cheating friends or cheating science?


it’s probably to do with the travelling and the pressure and that, he wouldn’t just be sitting in the office, he will be going around the branches and assessing performances and having constant meetings and doing dances


it’s just a television show chief


applied for an IT job with the fire service a couple of years ago, didn’t get past the interview but was gonna have to do a medical if i did. thought it was weird, not like i was applying to be an actual fireman.

had to fill in an odd amount of medical info for my civil service job application but no one checked it or anything.


I am an office worker.

When I started working at my current company I had to do a driving assessment, basically like when you take your driving test. I passed


spoilers ffs


Is it not mainly because Ricky Gervais can’t miss an opportunity to do some heart-string tugging, because on every level he wants you to love Brent, and to feel for Brent, to look past all of Brent’s troubled, spent masculinity and folly and see the raw, bloodied heart of a man who, while an ardent self-promoter, is actually simply too old, too tired to be better than the heroic facsimile he has drawn around himself?

Could just be poor writing, I don’t know. I don’t like Ricky Gervais and it’s been ages since I watched the office.


I can’t believe you couldn’t already find this exhaustively picked through by Reddit and/or StackExchange via Google, tbh.


Sounds like somebody’s been done by the ol’ mockumentary format!


He doesnt play it for sympathy chief


Think its a very valid question from @hip_young_gunslinger, and you better get used to it as The Office is the greatest work since Shakespeare’s tongue and we will be seeing more discussiona like this on the national curriculum in years to come


Yeah, I don’t really know why I posted that tbh. I just find Ricky Gervais over-sentimental a lot of the time, but this isn’t the place to have a pop about that.


Can anyone else vouch for having to do a medical assessment for their job?




Rozzer doesn’t count, that job has an element of physical activity.


yeah i worked in an office for a bus company and had to do a medical. although their reasoning was that the drivers had to do a medical so everyone has to do a medical


Pretty sure we’ll see more of Brent.

Probably a death bed scene and his poorly attended funeral.

It’ll be well moving.


Hmm. So maybe Wernham-Hogg employs drivers who have to undergo some sort of medical, meaning he does too?

Still, could they reject his promotion based on high blood pressure? Why will they let him do his current job with a known health condition?


well the very first scene is them interviewing for the fork lift drivers job so YES there are drivers

and as I mentioned above, his current job involves him in the same office every day. If he got promoted, like Neil does, he would have to visit different branches each day and undertake a more pressured role