When did Capybaras come out?


They came out just before the Quokkas right? Quokka’s have had a big couple of years.


Yeah, that’s a good shout.

There was some BBC doc that featured one looking really awkward in the background whilst a crocodile had a fight with a leopard or something cool as well. All part of the release strategy I think.

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Haha, or what @SenorDingDong said

I’d hate to see a think like this in the night sky

I think Pangolins came out a wee bit later but I think they may have been part of the same phase or something.

Nice idea.

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Absolutely! They’re all animals I associate with the old boards around that time. Maybe we created them somehow?

I don’t think we can rule anything out especially now that we can’t check the archives to disprove anything.

Who’d win in a fight between a Capybara and a Coypu?


Reckon there should be another hind leg animal soon. Current hind leg options have got a bit stale.

Maybe a cow that knocks about on its hind legs, but smaller obviously


The paying punters of course!

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Was thinking “wasn’t there a song in school about them that we had to sing in rounds” but that was a kookaburra

You’ve reminded me of that excellent “embarrassing song lyrics/titles” thread

That’s me off to bed now then. Good night everyone, God bless x


Night Ant.

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Think they launched as a competitor to MySpace, but then Facebook managed to halt their spread. Hare and tortoise though, is it not?

Common creatures to appear on the front of notebooks etc over the past decade

  • llamas
  • alpacas
  • owls
  • flamingos

I feel like I’ve missed some


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That’s a cartoon you bellend

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