When did McCartney last have a big hit?

And what was it?

Do collaborations count?

I can’t decide. Should they?

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Like it’s probably Four Five Seconds if they do


^this. There were the tracks with Idris Elba and Kanye/Rihanna that did pretty well.

His albums always sell well, too. McCartney III was a number 1 in the UK

Reckon purely solo you’re going back about 40 years.

Not sure if you’d count Hope of Deliverance (1993) as a hit, but it should have been.
A bit more recently, I think Jenny Wren (2005) got fairly decent radio play, but if you’re talking Umbrella-by-Rihanna standard of hits, I guess you’d have to go back to the early/mid 80s, something like We All Stand Together, Spies Like Us or No More Lonely Nights.


Was he on Band Aid 2 - Do they know it’s Christmas in 2004?

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I don’t like the way you’d be 80 now if you were 40 in 1982.


Depends what you class as big

Disappointed to find there are no readily available images of him taking a hit from a bong




Yeah, Band Aid 20. That’s technically his last big hit single, in the same way that Cliff Richards technically had three Christmas number ones in a row between 1988 and 1990.

He also had a charity number one with Ferry Cross the Mersey in 1989 for Hillsborough.

Dunno if this counts…

If not then you have to go back to Once Upon a Long Ago, which was Once Upon a Long Ago - 1987 to be precise. When you’d have been 45 if you were 40 in 1982.

Just listening to Jenny Wren, he sounds a bit like Guy Garvey crossed with Michael Head. It’s good.

Does Free As A Bird count?

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Computer says no

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Never thought of that!

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Maybe it does actually especially as he wrote the “whatever happened to” bit didn’t he?

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I had a memory from childhood that We All Stand Together was a hit one Christmas… just looked it up and it went to #3 in December 1984.

After that… well, if you rule out charity singles it doesn’t look like he had another top 10 single until FourFiveSeconds. Whoa!

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