When did the internet start?


No boring Marckee shit about ARPANET or JANET or whatever.

When, in your humble opinion, did the internet really get going?




The day I signed up for Facebook


The day silky called me a stupid cunt


I went on ‘work experience’ at school when I was like 14, so mid-90s. Some IT guy showed me something called the WORLDWIDE WEB and he was well excited about it. Looked a bit shit to me and I didn’t come across it again 'til at uni I realised I could use it to nick stuff for essays.

In answer to your question: 1999




1998 ish I reckon.



1995, when I discovered the Babylon 5 Midwinter website.


The internet is eternal


1999 when my friend had a Tomb Raider desktop but get this, she was NUDE!!!11!!!


Not sure your friend should have been naked around you when you were 14 tbh.


hahaha what a loser! and where would that LOSER currently be hosting that image online anywhere, not that i even care hahahahaha like address or dropbox or?




Remember the Nude Raider mod that no one ever actually saw?


Was that before or simultaneous with Ogrish.com? I seem to remember that being fairly horrific.


horrified to discover on youtube that this is still a thing even with the most recent games


That’s your nickname that is


14 in 1999 fuck off mate I’m not a grandad!

Was a spritely 13 years young at the time.


dont you mean the internets?