When did the internet start?






I was just thinking about this the other day.
I would say from about 2003 - 2010 the internet was good. Now it’s filled with bores, norms, endless memes and people posting about valentine’s day on social media. The O RLY owl was the beginning of the end.

Nostalgic old internet:

  • chat rooms
  • msn messenger
  • myspace
  • going from dial-up to broadband
  • wi fi being a new thing
  • soulseek
  • indietorrents
  • date ariane


yeah she’s still got it


AFAIK it didn’t ever really exist did it? Maybe the original urban legend was the developers left in a ‘cheat’ to do this but as that wasn’t possible someone eventually did the mod to achieve it. I guess these days doing it is actually a load easier.

Seem to recall reading the guy who originally came up with the idea left the project in disgust because his original Lara Croft concept had her as muscular and didn’t concentrate on making a big deal of feminising/objectifying her.

Still recall the face palm after the in-mansion training level finished with that line about how she had to take these wet clothes off or something like that.


i don’t know if it ever did, but i know for a fact that now it does after falling down an depressing/upliftingallatonce rabbithole


Somewhere around 1995 was when it started to be seen in the press etc. and schools and libraries were connected and charging £1 for 20minutes, I think.

I hadn’t used the internet or e-mail until I went to university in 1997.


I bet you did you dirty dog :smirk:


Imagine the future trying to explain to grandkids. (This is true:)

‘Well no one had it in their homes really, but as it was getting more popular my Mum took me and my neighbour friend to Reading university. They had opened out their Library internet to local kids so they could experience it for the first time. It was slow dial up, and even searching something took up to a minute to load results. I remember my neighbour typed in ‘Spiders’ and he got as the top hit ‘Surfing Spiders? What the FUCK are surfing spiders?!’ - being about 12 we giggled at the rude word while my mother tried to figure out how to make it go away.’


streaming on netflix now. surely it answers the question. 93% on rotten tomatoes, fwiw


I first used the internet, using a text based online game in the later 80s at a Youth Club. Using an Oric (I think) to dial up to it. Very slow, and cost the youth club a fortune in phone fees.

First year of University (93) used Telnet, and Janet a lot, looked at usenet newsgroups like uk.music.alternative with text readers etc.

I remember clearly in the second year, so maybe 95? That web pages became big, Mosaic etc. and I created fan sites for bands like Gene and Faithless. And then it snowballed really. So 95 was a tipping point IMO


Well… This is kind of how my parents described things like TV to us. Also the telephone: my mum was scared to answer it when they first got one in their house, apparently.


Neither of my parents’ families had television until the early 70s, because it was so expensive, and even then they clubbed together with a few neighbours and used to go around to each others house to watch programmes.

Also with telephones, it used to be very common when I was younger to have a ‘party line’ where several houses shared a single phone line.



It was a strange feeling when I realised there are people who only know a world with mobile phones.

Up to age 22/23 I didn’t own one and always had change for the phone boxes on me.




It started with an AOL disc


how did it end up like this, it was only a disc, it was only a disc


more of an unreal tournament guy myself but still…what a game!


Remember ICQ? I was always fuckin around on ICQ me.