When did the third Golden Age of Television end?


Sure there’s the odd good television show on at any one time but there hasn’t been a flurry of amazing shows for quite a while.

Can someone do a year by year breakdown showing the start of each ‘great’ show (or perhaps the year a show hit its peak) so we can see the high point and where it started to tail off? Obviously I’d do this but I’ve got lives to save.


season 4 of GoT

which was 2014


Dunno but if it’s 2014 as @japes days then the 4th Golden age started shortly after with Stranger Things & Atlanta


i’ve no idea when the ages are meant to start and end tbh

stranger things isn’t good though, eh? i mean it was fine. but in 10 years no one is going to care about it.


Probably just after fight night on Big Brother (2004)


Oh sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s not the start of a new wave/age. Bunch of teenagers I taught started watching ST & Skam a couple of years back and then quickly moved onto Atlanta and their entire world view changed into a distorted reality of sci-fi demons, race & class relations, drugs, snogging and interdimensional existentialism


About 2 weeks ago rip Barry chuckle :cry:


Nah, we’re living in the golden age of tea-time television at the moment. Pointless on BBC1, Bargain Hunt on 2, the Chase on ITV etc.


double simpsons on C4


Probably when Netflix cam into prominence. Now there are way too many TV shows, spreading quality rather thinly, with Netflix, Amazon etc. having too much influence on “narrative” along with the ability to spread propaganda. A dangerous combination.


The only really good thing being made atm is better call saul




Yes actually, bojack and better call Saul are both very good. Every other good thing is either past its best or just OK




watched the first episode. load of shit.


You actually need to watch the first 8 series before it starts to get good


game of thrones is shit


Absolute shit for babies. Never seen it obviously


Obviously Game Of Thrones doesn’t belong in this discussion. Don’t think Netflix has made anything truly great.

Some decentish stuff (The Night Of, Leftovers, Show Me A Hero, The Deuce, Saul, Handmaids) in recent years but nothing that compares to the absolute best stuff.

It’s unbelievable to consider what HBO was producing concurrently, in hindsight.


When McNulty started using dentures