When did they start putting artificial sweetner in Rubicon?

Just got myself a can of mango for hangover purposes - first sip and I can taste the grim taste of sweetner,


More effective mind control of the population.

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the amount of fruity soft drinks available with out them is really dwindling… Why is everyone else not livid about this?

Probably already being mind controlled.


taste the same tbh

Oh for FF sake

sounds like they’ve really crossed the Rubicon this time


They’ve started doing it to Ka pineapple too. My local Sainsbos still have the old stuff so I have to go there to feed my habit.

I am guessing it is to do with reducing the amount of traditional sugar in drinks because that is the current enemy destroying children’s teeth, possibly also pre-emptive of a ‘sugar tax’ being rolled out to include some fruit-based drinks too. Tbf tbh, from a mum perspective all those drinks are fucking terrible, from a personal perspective a used to love mango rubicon - probably my favourite for quite a long time.

its annoying though cos it’s just an occasional treat for me. I’ve not noticed it happening in cola yet, or sprite or 7 up, just fruity ones like Tango, Fanta etc

San Peligrino was sweetner free last time I had it, but I’m worried I’m going to lose that too

christ almighty

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Because sugar rots your teeth…

Sweeteners probably just quietly rot your insides instead.

Must do. Chemicals, innit. There’s CHLORINE in Sucralose, ffs!

I guess the ones it isn’t happening to so much are the drinks that have a sugar-free version, like coke zero etc so they are already offering an alternative.

Yeah, it is kind of a shame, because if you are having these drinks sensibly and infrequently it is not so bad, but so many people drink sugary drinks more than water to the level it is a public health issue.

Echoing other posts here saying that the artificial sweeteners are probably just as bad.

yeah i used to quite like a Rubicon before noticing the ridiculous amount of sugar in it, might start drinking them again if they’ve cut down/moved to sweeteners

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I might start hoarding Ting just in case they start sticking sweeteners in that.

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God, chemicals are so bad for you arent they!

Recently moved onto Ting as my go to pop.

Man I love Ting.

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Tin I’ve got says 4.5g sugar per 100ml

Don’t really mind, chuck half the bottle out before putting in the Glen’s anyway.