when did you last change the password on your work PC/laptop?

started working here about 3 years ago and haven’t ever changed it despite repeated requests to do so

what about YOU?!


have to change it every couple of months

did it today

it’s a ballache cos when you change it you have to make your phone ‘forget’ the wifi and then log into it again, takes about 2 minutes but somehow feels like the most laborious thing possible

Two weeks ago. We have to change our email password as well as our laptop passwords…but never at the same time so one is constantly one number behind the other

19th September, it seems

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i think this is the crux of why i’ve never changed mine, that and the fact that no one here seems to give a single fuck about protecting data in any other way

are you just prompted to do it or do they force you in some way?

got to do it within the next 5 days. Ran over, a few months back and got massively locked out of the system, meaning I had to get someone to reset everything. not doing that again. Hate changing it though, it means I have to update EVERY Windows credential data source I’ve added to a power BI gateway. For some reason autocomplete doesn’t work, so I have to manually enter y credentials in a process that takes about 30 minutes and is both physically and mentally draining.

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We used to have to change it every eight weeks but they stopped that about a year and a half ago.

We got new kit a year ago though and it logs you in via facial recognition.

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oooft i would not be happy about that

Friday 4th October.

just a bloke at reception logging each worker in individually as they come through the door in the morning.

civil service innit. (!!!)

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I don’t think you have any choice, but next time they ask me I’ll see if I can just ignore it. Possibly for the laptop but I don’t think we can for the email.

aye just ignore it, what’s the worst that could happen?*

*if this leads to your dismissial i take absolutely no responsibility

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We have to change ours regularly and if you don’t, then you are locked out of your computer and/or internal sites (because you can have one password for your computer and another to access the HR system, for example.)

My work login is now the only semi-reasonable password request of all my IT work accesses. Change it once a year and it doesn’t have to be a bajillion characters long. Not sure if I can reuse it, but since at this rate I’ll only be changing it another five or six times I’ll live with a new one each year.

Quick poll:

  • I use autosave for my passwords
  • I have some kind of document somewhere to help me remember my passwords
  • I keep everything stored in my head

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Last week. The hard drive encryption password was the week before that.

I am Cyber Secure

Changed it cos I was prompted to on Friday. Came back on Monday morning and for a good five minutes or so was completely stumped about what it was. Not even a vague feeling of what it was.

Probably 6 weeks ago