When did you last change your hairstyle?

Think I might change mine. Been the same vibes for about 15 years!


It’s been long and left to itself a good 6 years now, am a bit bored of it now tbf.

I have never had a hairstyle

  • January 2020. Started to shave it all off.
    1. Introduced a side parting.
    1. Got rid of the curtains.
    1. Got curtains.

Absolutely never. Will only ever ask for some length off.

Actually I did shave it off over lockdown but thats it

Never had one.

My nan was going to dye her hair pink but then she selfishly went and died, so I’ve been thinking of doing that in her honour. Either way I’d like to do something with my hair that I’ve not done before, but not sure what.

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Started incorporating a fade when we were allowed to go back to hairdressers after the pandemic. Before then I think I switched from fringe to quiff in, idk, 2013 maybe?

2019 - How my hair is now
2020 - Down to my shoulders
2021 - Turns out man buns are very practical
2022 - Kept it relatively short with more barber visits than usual
2023 - dunno. tempted to let it grow long again out of kneejerk reaction to everyone saying how professional i look now.

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what is going on here


Autumn 1999. Though I guess it’s gradually got shorter since.

the length changes regularly

  • ooooh! how mildly fun…
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A while back

Reckon 3½yrs ago. From a short back and sides to a zero fade. So whilst bit a huge change, a noticeable one.

I guess about 15 years ago when I stopped keeping it long and got it all cut off, but I’m wildly inconsistent with getting it cut (I’ve only had it done once since December 2021) so rarely do photos of me look the same.

‘I need to find a barber’ to the tune of that Hayley Heynderickx song

I basically used the same place in Edinburgh for ten years - it wasn’t quite a red pole but also wasn’t a minimal techno salon, so it suited me quite well. But Newcastle just seems awful, everywhere is either a varying degree of “come get your fades done lads” or an Steve’s Olde Tyme Barber Shoppe where I feel like I’ll end up talking to an MRA.

But I really need a haircut.


I cut off my long hair in summer 2000 and have pretty much had the same hairstyle ever since.


Sweeney Todds in The Side used to be really good.