When did you last descale your kettle?

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Two days ago
  • Three days ago
  • This week
  • This month
  • In the last three months
  • In the last six months
  • n/a because I’m a non-conformist
  • n/a because I live somewhere where the water isn’t an idiot
  • n/a because I’m in NA and don’t own a kettle (comedy American option)

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Do it monthly. Got to keep on top of it. (We have a surprisingly expensive kettle)

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Variable temperature?

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Had to do the one in London about once a month, it was disgusting.

don’t know

Nothing wrong with a bit of chalk, but agree about London.

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Nah not THAT expensive.

Check your kettle maintenance log and get back to my by the end of the day please.

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Was looking at the little round brilo pad ones for a quid in wilko yesterday but just walked away from it. We live where the water is practically white its so shite and chalky.

Is that what descaling means? I’ve used one b4 but will get one next time im out i promise

How much was GEOFF’s kettle?

  • Less than £10
  • £10-£20
  • £21-£30
  • £31-£40
  • £40-£50
  • £51-£100
  • £too much

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de-what my who now?

It’s where you get a bit of ginger and stick it in your anus.


oooh. Saturday.

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not in NA

but don’t own a kettle

why do you ask? Is there a self-descaling kettle patent in your in-tray?

How are you making tea then?

boiling water in a pan on the hob



Use this on the reg. Kettle is like brand new.

Same. Their paint-on gel is great too, for underside of taps and whatnot.