When did you last eat a Galaxy Ripple?

Fucking ages ago for me. Feels like they’ve dropped off the radar a bit. They’re so nice as well.

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it’s been a while - I think the last time I had one, I was absolutely going all out. I’d got some vanilla ice cream right, scooped it in a bowl, and what I did was I ground up a Twirl in it and I ground up a Ripple in there as well.


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I reckon 2004

They’re really good too. Gonna get one tomorrow

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Maybe a year or two

I’ve picked one up a couple of times since but then decided to get something else instead. Might get one soon. Overdue.

Within last 3 years

Would go a twirl over then though, similar vibes but more stability

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Nah uh, not even. Must have been time, you know what I mean?

A few months ago, because they do packets of three in Home Bargains and I was like OMG A RIPPLE!

Still very nice after all these years :+1:


Last week. I love them, top 10 chocolate bar for me.

Literally last week