When did you last get told off?

I don’t think I’ve been told off for a long time but I kind of got chastised by Billy Bragg in Wakefield Cathedral on Saturday night. I was slightly drunk and stoned, watching King Creosote as part of the Long Division festival and I was stood, admittedly, in a place that was really for passing through and no doubt in the way.

Suddenly Billy Bragg (who was next up) was in front of me saying “That ain’t gonna work mate”. “No, I guess it isn’t” I replied as he walked past me.

It was a strange experience…even though I’m no longer an actual fan, I’ve still got a soft spot for him and if I could have chosen an interaction with the Bard of Barking it definitely wouldn’t have been him telling me I was stood in the way like a dick.

However, I managed to put my discomfort behind me when I saw his backdrop logo.


Fuck me, that’s rough.

You should have hit up with a anecdote about the time you and Krist Novoselic fucked up some twat for claiming that you were in their way.

do you think he’s ever used the hashtag #humblebragg


Stop blowing my cover, doofus.


*Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards


I don’t want to change the world
I’m not looking for a new England
I just want this LOVELY GUY to move

That’s not very compassionate.

Oooh that backdrop wince


Maybe she gets a lot of hassle from paparazzi.

You never know what other people’s struggles are.

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was moving out of my flat on saturday when someone knocked at the door and it was this bloke who is the ‘head of the building committee’ or some shit telling me he’d ‘had complaints’ about someone ‘leaving things around the building’ (a broken 19" tv and a dismantled hanging rack, both in the lobby) and asked me if the mattress in the hallway was mine

i was like clearly frantically rushing around and was like ‘er, yeah, i’m moving out… sorry if i left stuff in the lobby for like, 5 minutes’ and he continued to tell me over and over that people had complained (who the fuck is complaining about a TV being left in a lobby for 5 minutes) and then told me he’d moved them to some unspecified garage and i’d have to come with him to get them back

i don’t want them, so he can deal with getting rid of them himself now, the dick


There’s an old guy who’s occasionally getting into his car near where my kids go to school and he always hassles me for not being on the cycle lane. He’s done it a few times but last time was last wednesday I think. I’d promised myself that next time I would stop and explain to him why I was not on the cyclepath and I’d be the perfect ambassador for cycling and we would part as friends.

Instead I was in a bad mood and just yelled “GET FUCKED” at him. Looking forward to the next time he’s out.


sorry m9 but think i’m with epimer on this one


Haven’t shouted at anyone or been shouted at for quite a while which is unusual, I think it’s because I’ve been spending most of my time away from the south east.

Having said that I almost did a shouting last week in Manchester. There were three Chinese? families on the same corridor of my hotel and they’d wedged their doors open and were running back and forth between each other’s rooms and generally having a great time. I made do with giving the door wedged a good glare as I left me room.

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Thursday evening. Complete arsehole manager of another team. All I did was walk past them as we were all arriving and say “hey [name], is [name of friend] racing tonight?”. The reply was “WE’LL KNOW WHEN THEY’RE ALL HERE DON’T ASK SILLY QUESTIONS.”

Fuck 'em. Enjoy your quarter milion pound debt ya miserable twat.

also got told off by billy bragg in 2013 for cold calling him for an interview when I was doing an internship at a national paper. he completely calmed down when I explained I was doing work experience and finished by wishing me luck.

nice fella.

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Hang on, this isn’t a who’s been told off by Billy Bragg thread.

Or was that the last time you got told off?

Seems unlikely, knowing you.

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okay then, yesterday for missing a family dinner.


Billy Bragg was banging on my door at 2am last night, but we didn’t hear him for ages because we had the music up loud. Shouting something about waking up his neighbourhood.

Billy Bragg just told me off for posting this.

Last night during Nick Cave for elbowing a man in the kidney who thought it’d be nice to aggressively shove my partner out of his way as he barged through the crowd.