When did you last go on a bouncy castle?

  • Within the last 6 months
  • Within the last year
  • Years ago

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Smee went to a trampoline park on June 12th iirc

And TheWza went on a bouncy castle once I think

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Incredibly, I have never been on a bouncy castle. Is this something I need to rectify?


You’ve never experienced true freedom until you’ve been on a bouncy castle

  • That’s horrific though when they’re not pegged down properly and they take off with kids on them

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I hate them cos once you’re down and kids are jumping all over the place it’s impossible to get back up. You have to just hope you get rolled off on the the hard hitting reality of the grass

Oh yeah forgot about that, almost panic attack inducing when you can’t do the simple act of standing up again

It’s how you feel in dreams when you can’t move your limbs. The subconscious must remember bouncy castles.



I have voted accordingly.

To be honest, it’ll always be a bouncy castle but it makes me laugh to call it a bounce house and I don’t really know why.

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One of the only perks of having young kids


I was at a kids party once with one; an overly enthusiastically thrifty grandad pulled the plug on the air pump thing at the exact moment someone said “times up kids, time to get off the bouncy castle”

He must have thought it would deflate gradually like an old air bed. It did not, lots of screaming toddlers getting engulfed by the bouncy battlements

No one hurt luckily