When did you last have a Crunchie?


Mini ones in Celebrations or whatever dont count.

Gonna say about 15 years for me


Probably Easter (came with MA egg) I like the taste but don’t like how it makes me teeth stick together


A few years, I reckon.

Nearly had one this afternoon, but opted for a Twirl instead. Bit too much honeycomb, gets all stuck around your teeth and cuts your gums up and all that.


Had a mini crunchie at lunch today actually. Possibly the first in a few years though.


couple of weeks. i’m a big chocolate fiend. don’t go for crunchies that often though cos of how much they stick to my teeth


Second thesr teeth comments. Also dont like the texture when you bite into them, bit scrapey


nailed a 4 pack in about three minutes the other week. yep, I was high


Went thru a massive crunchie phase about 2 years ago. Use to nail four packs like :+1: there was no tomorrow


They’re so bad. Way too sweet. About15 years for me as result


About 20 minutes ago. It got the nod over a wispa, a snickers and a flake in the chocolate box. Wish i’d had the flake tbh.


I wouldnt want one cause I’d be worried about my teeth. Feel so old. :cry:


Thanks for asking. Actually my wife bought a 12 pack of novelty sized Crunchies this past weekend. I enjoyed my most recent on yesterday afternoon shortly after 3pm.


I had the flake tonight, was fucking lush.