When did you last have a Viennetta?



No idea.

If i was to guess, maybe like 20 years ago.

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This means nothing to me


In the summer probably

Probably a couple of years ago. They’d have the Creme Brulee ones in the staff shop at my old work, so had them quite a bit.

Pretty sure I’ve not had one since I left that place.

Alright Mungo Jerry


Sunday! Thanks for asking. Was delicious as ever. Was feeling super posh so went mint, and the meal was all the better for it.

They are definitely smaller though.


what the absolute fuck!?!?!

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Month or so ago.

People go years without having some? My mind can’t comprehend that i’m afraid.

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Certainly pre-cost of living crisis.

They were for the foreign market - packaging was in French - but the shop would just have all sorts of rando shit in from suppliers. Don’t know why they don’t sell em over here though.

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We got one in a couple of months ago, to show Jimbo the majesty of the desserts me and my other half had growing up. He loved it, and regularly asks to get another one in.

Had the special Christmas one at Christmas last year.

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Also got it in to show M a slice of heaven, and then had a period of getting it all the time. Haven’t had any for ages. Might pick one up this week.

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Haven’t had one for ages, maybe 30+ years.

Always thought Viennetta was the posh people’s dessert. We were an Arctic Roll family when growing up.

Power To The People.



Arctic rolls are currently more expensive than a Viennetta. In Morrisons anyway.

Makes you think.

The size of both have probably shrunk somewhat from the 80s.

Last year possibly. Maybe 2020.

Week or two ago

Very nice it was too

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