When did you last have a Viennetta?

On Sunday, but this one.

Got a couple of mint ones in the freezer too.


About 6 months ago? Was absolutely fine, and really cheap I think I paid about a £1 for it.

About 1991?

I’m not sure I’ve even had it more than once. I was at my childminder’s house and I was very impressed to be served what in my mind was a luxury item. Then I tasted it and realised that it was less good than a normal ice cream.

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Late 80s I’d think.

Late 80s for me and maybe only twice then. Parents didn’t really run to anything beyond generic yellow misery block.

Would definitely say yes to one if offered.

That’s pretty cheap. I wonder how much an Arctic Roll is.

Summer 2018 or maybe 2019 when it was really hot and the shop was nearly out of ice cream but had a few Viennettas in so I bought one and ate it in two blissful sittings

Just an inside out choc ice n im okay with that

Far far too long ago - will get one next week

One of the best value foods available on the market

The yule log one is an absolute monster

Great stuff

remarkable restraint


Get them a few times a year for a bit of a sophistication at pudding time for the kids. The mint one is just that.

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