When did you last ice your body?


Me? My face the night of the millennium. Fell and hit a radiator. Not drunk just a child.


Surely this requires a poll…


this thread is less sexy then I had hoped


my swollen shin in 2016


Got a nasty whack to the back of the head on Friday, ice* was applied.

*bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel.


About six or seven years ago when I tore my ankle ligaments.


Tripped over a chain while pissed 4 weeks ago and smashed my face right into gravel car park floor. Front tooth got pushed back behind the other. Got two black eyes and v.bruised nose. Was sat with frozen peas on my head for about a week.


:dizzy_face: hope medical science managed to save your tooth

classic Faps, tho?


when did you last ice your body?

  • pre millennium
  • on the night of the millennium
  • post millennium

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Burned my hand while cooking a few weeks/months ago, applied frozen peas for a few mins instead of holding it under the tap


I for one would be specifically interested if anyone last required body icing in the period between the Willennium (November 16, 1999) and Millennium.


I think doing this is like an annual tradition, usually involving a trip to a + e :pensive: last year it was being dehydrated and passing out on the street and knocking myself out to the point I lost 2 weeks of memory (it rebooted the same day) and the year before that was stacking it while running for a bus and smashing my knee. This year (tho it might have been the end of last year) I slipped on black ice and had an egg shaped kneecap. Still tho, never broke a bone :pray:t5:


Real millennium or fake millennium?


Similar happened to me on millennium night; was moving between house parties that night and a mate had found a shopping trolley on the street that he was running with but fell and grazed his knees quite bad. Thought I’d show him how it was done but then I met a kerb at high speed; the trolley went up and I went down, teeth met kerb with some force. Only lost one, but there was a lot of blood. Thankfully was too drunk to notice the pain but there was ice as I sobered up at home.


Shit, that sounds awful. Sorry to hear that faps.


February 2017. I came off my bicycle, severely bruised knee and broken wrist.