When did you last listen to Radio 1

…for, like, more than an hour at one time?

  • Today
  • This week
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  • Last month
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  • 2+ years ago

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What are your stations of choice?
General radio-based chat allowed (I am not a despot)

just have 6 music on pretty much all day as background noise. turn it off when a kate tempest song comes on and then usually hit spotify.


Resonance FM
Soho Radio London

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do you mean deliberately set out to listen to it or just flick through the stations on a car journey and land on one song then change it after?

a: never
b: 1.5 years maybe

Listen to Benji B and Essential mix on the iplayer every week, assuming that counts.

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stations of choice:


Radio Stations of choice?

Radio 4
5 Live Sports Extra (For TMS)
Radio 4 Extra
6 Music

That’s in order of time spent listening to in descending order from most to least.

probably the 90s

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But yeah, the last time I actively listened to Radio 1 would have been the summer of 2003, when stuck in a car on the way to a wedding in the Peak District. Was in the days of Colin & Edith, I think. Or a duo equally unbearable.

If I’ve not got my own music on, usually 6 music. Sometimes a bit of Radio 4. 5 Live/Sports Extra/local BBC for sports commentaries and whatnot.

Had a mix of Kisstory and Radio 1 a few weeks ago when I had to go on a work trip with a colleague though.

Terrible situation in the @nebbie mobile at the moment as the (non-DAB) radio does not work, but the CD player does.

My choices:
in the aeroplane over the sea
purple rain

sometimes I forget to check what’s in there and get the tv’s miss saigon soundtrack instead

I purposely listened to Radio 1 some time in the last year. 6 Music’s weekday evening programmes are pretty crap, I think.

No idea. Have never chosen to listen to it ever,

Generally don’t have the radio on myself, but plasticmichael has Five Live on all the time (I find it really annoying) and occasionally, maybe once a fortnight I’ll put 6Music on.

I sometimes listen to it in the car when driving to the other office. They play a game on the drive-time show called “What’s My Age Again?” which is quite amusing.

I stuck it on for about five minutes yesterday and it was unbearably shit, though.

Usual stations: 6music and all of the internet ones @marckee pretends to listen to.

Oh yeah - sometimes Five Live for the sports. And 5LSX for Test Match Special.

RTÉ Radio One before nine and after ten in the morning until midday.
Radio Na Gaeltacht after ten in the evenings

Absolutely nothing fucking else ever. Irish radio is vomitously bad, some complete inverted scrotums there.

from my own free choice? about 2002/3

Christ, not since Mark & Lard.

Nearly printed this thread, ffs



Used to listen to it all the bloody time when I was 10-13(ish). Moyles, Whiley, Mills, Vernon Kay FFS, JK and Joel, Chappers and Dave, some bloke called Wes. Christ knows what I was thinking, think the only ones who would in any way seem ok now are Colin and Edith and possibly.

Probably haven’t listened to it voluntarily for over 10 years now. Bit of 6 music every now and then is more than enough radio for me.