When did you last listen to Radio 1

Monday 2nd October:

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For more than an hour - a few months ago on an evening car journey. Was good, would listen again, they surprised me by playing LCD Soundsystem

However, I do tune into Radio 1 most days at 6pm on the drive home for the Ten Minute Takeover on Greg James. It’s a surprisingly enjoyable feature.

Was going to say the Sunday chart show sometime in the late 80s but had forgotten about John Peel - never a big listener even to his shows so probably one of his festive fifty shows in the early 90s.

Just not a radio person though - does my head in.

As a kid I loved Radio 1; Simon Bates show was a fav - haha! Used to love that thing they did in the summer too, where they would broadcast from various UK costal towns. And of course, John Peel.
Nowadays it’s 6Music and Five Live for me. Occasionally, a bit of Radio 2. Can’t stand commercial stations at all.

Probably about 1999ish? When I got back to London there was Xfm which was still pretty decent. By the time it turned bad there was 6Music but that was too in love with tastes of people 5 years older than me at that point so I just ignored music radio.

It rotates between Absolute, Heat and Capital here.

Absolute isn’t too bad, even if it is a bit ‘dad’. Heat seems to play a reasonable mix of music, at least. Capital, I’m sure, literally plays 6 songs on a loop all fucking day long.

Radio, 1Xtra, 6Music, TalkSport (I know, I can’t stop it).

Oh and I went through a brief phase of listening to Kisstory but it really is the same 12 songs on loop, all day, every day.

Listened to it loads as a kid

My radios are all permanently tuned to 6 music , if i’m not liking the DJ or what they are playing (there are a couple that get on my nerves a bit) then I will just listen to records/ CDs. It never occurs to me to change the station. Once in while I quite enjoy a bit if Kistory/ Heart smooth or something, but the adverts drive me nuts very quickly, I hate radio adverts so much

TalkShit is strangely addictive. I tend to listen to the Drive Time show and always end up shouting at the radio because of that twat Durham

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Yeah, they had some sort of double act going on. Think they had a weekend show, would occasionally fill in when others were away. Can only assume it was pony. Weird that they also would have both been well over 30 at that stage too.

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Don’t listen during the day, bar Greg James occasionally cause he’s quite good really, isn’t he? Will listen if I’m driving up to Scotland and don’t have enough podcasts / new music to see me through.

My excuse is that I’m the only one on my music pub quiz who is willing to listen to radio 1, so I need to do it to know the modern chart stuff.

Last time would have been Mary Anne Hobbs doing the Breezeblock around 2000. Radio 1 was excellent during the early to mid 90s - you’d get the Evening Session, an hour of comedy and then Mark Radcliffe. Except for Friday nights where it all went a bit Pete Tong.

Gave up once Mark and Lard got moved from the ten til midnight slot. Don’t know how long ago that was but i’m guessing it was a while back.

I heard a bit of Radio 1 today as there’s a guy working in our house and he had his wee radio blaring away when I came home. I couldn’t bear to listen to the two eejits that were just talking utter nonsense so I went and turned it right down while the workman was away getting something from his van. He didn’t say anything when he got back and it left me in peace to reminisce about the good old days.

I like your avatar.

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if memory serves, his full name was Hi This Is Wes

Last time I heard ‘This Is’ Wes he was introducing the programmes on BBC4 Extra.

Wes Butters

radio 1- I listen benji b every week. always try the essential mix, is often good. the residency always seems to have at least one decent host, too. jessy lanza at the moment, think Helena hauff is until the end of year.

6music- always tom Ravenscroft and gilles Peterson.

nts- always alexander nut and loads of other bits and bobs

josey rebelle on rinse sunday mornings if i’m about.

oxford games on radio oxford if i’m not at the game and at mine.

love radio!


6music all the time in background if I am in the car or kitchen or getting ready in the morning/in the shower.

Radio2 when Paul o Grady is in and I’m cooking Sunday dinner or if I want to hear confessions on Simon Mayo on way home

1xtra when my youngest gets hold of the radio controls…

Click to radio 1 sometimes on way home, Greg James is bearable for ten minutes or so…

Ha we basically have the same listening habits

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