When did you last see an ant?

Not including any one called Ant

  • Just now
  • Yesterday
  • In the past week
  • Some time this year
  • Not since last year
  • It’s been years
  • Can’t remember

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Seven years ago.


@Funkhouser pics?

There were a couple outside the shop a little while ago. I shall go and see if they’re still hanging around.

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They’ve moved on, I’m so sorry.

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They might be inside scoping the joint for sugary treats. Keep an eye out.

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Here are some leaf-cutter ants from my garden that dismantle plants and take them to their underground lair.

They’re currently fucking up some flowers by the looks of it.


Went on a trek to a batcave in a Ugandan rainforest wearing flip-flops and got bitten to shit by em. This was in 2013

Didnt see an ant for ages but saw bees for the first time this year. This one big lad was on the floor upside down then i flipped him over with a twig. Came back past that way 20min later and he was on his back again in the same place, so i put him on a leaf and put him in a sunny area, think they need 12 degrees to fly. It was nice though i love bees

These ants look pretty sus ngl.

I don’t trust them as far as i can throw them…

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Who goes on a rainforest trek in flip flops??

A complete moron (me)

One wandered across my desk at home a couple of weeks ago, was a bit surprised to see it. Fortunately they didn’t have any mates with them - disgusting children who don’t clean up after themselves leave lots of lovely ant-tempting morsels which means we usually get loads in the summer.

There’s ants in our kitchen at the moment, don’t know where they’re coming from or what they’re after. I’m chill with them, they’re just little ants.

Do you think this is the first time in the history of the world that someone has responded to the question “When did you last see an ant?” with a link to the 2001 hit by Staind ‘It’s been a while’

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I saw one yesterday on the inside of my front door and i dreamed about him last night being on my pillow.

Ants have taken over my garden and now my kitchen. I refuse to pay their “protection money”


A link maybe, but my partner and I sing the opening line as a response to when there’s been some time in between things happening all the time

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