When did you last see

the film Waterworld (1995)?

Let’s find out who saw it most recently! For me I’d say it was around September 1995.

if i had to guess, which i do, i would say sometime between 2010 and 2014

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so i’m due a rewatch

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Never seen it.

Is it worth it?


oh my yes


I guess I’ve secretly won this game.

i’ll be the judge of that, thank you

I too, haven’t seen waterworld

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Waterworld, to have a good time


I have never seen waterworld

Or the postman

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  • Not Seen
  • Seen (90s)
  • Seen (00s)
  • Seen (10s)
  • Seen (20s)
  • other?

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I’ve not seen The Postman either!
Another one for the “trash blockbusters I should maybe watch cos everyone else has” list

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probably low hanging fruit but these keywords from imdb have absolute done me



Probably last saw it about 6/7 years ago. I like it but it’s not as good as the postman

I really enjoy waterworld. Definitely watched it at some point between 2011 and 2018 most likely earlier rather than later

I do love a bit of post apocalyptic hokum

Or read the book!

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Saw it at the cinema. First memory of really thinking a film was terrible.

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You don’t get movie stars called Kevin anymore do you

Except Kevin Hart I guess. And Kevin James