When did you last send an SMS text message and what did it say?

3.37pm today - ‘Brilliant, thanks Dave’.

Does anyone send text messages anymore? Let’s find out!

12.56 today - Imessage as i don’t txt anyone on android obviously

“I’m actually fucked. 2 day hangover. Just doing some shopping and sweating to death”

ahahah. you too man. was a lovely one xx

27th June 13:16 on the way home from Glastonbury


“No worries, anytime.”

23/08 to the lady who coordinates a baby group ive joined that starts next week.

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:rotating_light: Not an SMS text message :rotating_light:

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I actually sent one of substance recently cos I was going to meet a local government person about a project we’re funding and we were running late. He never replied and I think I may actually have sent it to the wrong number.

Pretty much the only texts I get are from Papa Johns. Last year/early this was quite exciting cos I got those and all my negative Covid test confirmations.

bonus one before that, 26th June 04:37

We’re by the inflatable orange cat? mounting an inflatable t rex



i’m sat inside


Thank you for respecting the integrity of the thread.

When did you send this please


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Saturday just there, 7:07pm

Does that mean you’re here or not?

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“Oh. I had all my tickets booked. OK”

Yesterday, 15:33 to my mum who has let me down with something once again.

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My kids often favour sms over WhatsApp, which i do find a bit bemusing

Anyway , today 9:36 “Lovely, I’ll call for you at mums xxx”

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08/08 10:34

We can’t get in

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1st Sept 21:05


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I’m only liking this to keep up thread-consistency and not for the content :heart:

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On a lighter note, the texts I sent and received prior to that were to Berwyn, a crab salesman, who didn’t want to sell me any crab but ended things lightheartedly with:

:+1: :ok_hand:


Not a very good crab salesman then is he. I wonder if I could post you a crab.