When did you last thing 'that's luxurious', and about what?


I took an uber instead of the bus




Actually I got a taxi home the other night cos I couldn’t be arsed waiting for the night bus. I’m scum.


I regretted it because the bus got therr about 2 min after me :pleading_face:


I love lighting candles, feels incredibly luxurious even if it’s only the cheap Asda ones or some tealights. I like that you can measure luxury as both a measure of cash spend but also a sort of time and effort spend. Like, I like making myself feel luxurious by making a nice cup of tea and doing it really properly, but I also like feeling luxurious by buying some amazing tea that I would never normally buy that costs a bit more.


Stayed in a nice hotel for my mum’s 50th birthday party about 2 years ago.


well done everyone. all of these things are good answers.


Lit a firework called Bizarre out of a pumpkin in my garden.


hmm. i do not endorse home fireworks.

the thread is now ruined.


it was ruined from the get go. Thing indeed.


you have drawn my attention to my failure which i had hitherto not noticed. this thread is now DOUBLE ruined.


Any time I have a pie and a latte. Pure decadence.


i swear man we are going to have beeve and mushroom pie soon