When did you last think about Nigel Lythgoe?

Just now

The goose has gotten fat

Confused by this quote because he doesn’t actually say that in the clip but I suppose he mightve said it offcamera

Same time I first thought of him, which is now.


Yeah, I was there

^ Suzanne Shaw

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I’d say I remember the teaser campaign for the first series of Popstars about once a year, and that was based around the phrase “pick me Nigel” , but they quickly stopped trying to make that take off.

Oh yeah I remember that

Actually it might have been ‘Nigel, pick me’.

Literally this week as he shares his surname with my great-great-grandmother

About a week ago but I can’t remember why.

Last week when i saw Kym Marsh is on Strictly. He was a bit fat-shamey eh?