When did you last use an escalator

  • Today
  • This week
  • Within the last month
  • Within the last 6 months
  • Within the last year
  • Longer ago than a year
  • Can’t remember

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Went on loads in Barcelona

25th May.

Are the flat travellator things that you put supermarket trolleys on escalators?

Do they go between floors?


Actually remembered now. Would have been at the end of October last year when I was on jury duty and went to the shopping centre every lunchtime for a walk.

Reckon I’ll have made four escalator journeys today by the end of the day.

Escalator then.

And I’ll bet you’ll still end up right where you started!

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Was in That London over the bank holiday weekend, that place is 90% escalators as far as I could tell.

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Oh yeah and theres one at sainos you basically have to use to get in so I’m always within a week of an escalator ride

May 3rd

and also with you!


God bless x

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I have just had this thought as part of the escalator discussion in the other thread, and conclued that escalators I’ve been on this year were in Ikea last wednesday and in h&m a couple of weeks ago. Then I think the time before that would have been on the way to and from that London DiS meet last summer. Oh actually there was the Oracle in Reading a few weeks ago. So probably 6 times this year. Not a big escalator user apparently. They’re better than lifts though

I Used 5 yesterday, the last one between half eleven in the evening and midnight

This doesn’t answer the question, but in general escalator chat I usually stand with a foot each on separate steps, in case one collapses and I end up in the gears.

I used a series of escalators today. About 13:00. Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow.