When did you last wash your feet?

Like actually purposefully washed them by scrubbing them?

If I’ve ever done this then it would have been years ago. Can’t remember.

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Every morning in the shower.

Mainly as I walk about barefoot all day.


About 20min ago for prayers, gotta wash your feet as part of it. I wash my feet in the shower too, but dry very carefully, don’t want fungal infections which are easier to get apparently if you don’t

Btw I hate feet, even reading the word
:footprints:= :nauseated_face:
:paw_prints:= :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They get wet and soapy in the shower so


Focusing on feet specifically, whenever that storm happened the other month.

^this. Trying to warm them up after getting home soaking wet after work.

whenever they last got mud on them

otherwise no special measures

Had a quick shower before bed last night and bent down and gave them a bit of a rub.

Had a bath earlier in the day too so these feet are squeaky clean imo.

And I’m just about to sit in the bath.

Yesterday evening, when i decided it might be a good idea to have a shower in case I got lucky.



I love washing my feet in the sink it’s so luxurious. Makes you feel incredible.

Please talk me through this process. I can’t imagine it being safe.


just standing up in the sink


lift up a foot and put it in the sink then turn on the taps and gently caress your feet with your fingers.

every day as part of shower protocol. feels biblical.


also daily

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get washed as part of my three daily baths

Hmmm. Maybe it’s a short legged problem but I am not sure about this, maybe I will give it a try later.

Be careful

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