when did you last

buy someone a gift

  • today
  • in the last 7 days
  • in the last month
  • in the last year
  • longer ago

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was it for

  • an occasion
  • just because

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the cost was

  • £1-5
  • £6-10
  • £11-30
  • £31-50
  • Over £50
  • Over £100
  • Multiple hundreds/thousands

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it was

  • consumable (food/drink/drugs)
  • physical item (tech/clothes)
  • an experience-based gift
  • other

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Bought my kid one of those air up water bottles kind of just because and also for trying hard in tennis and it arrived today. Don’t think he has ever gone on about something so much in his life. Can’t see how it won’t be completely underwhelming. #bigAirup #bigwater

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those the ones that make it taste flavoured using #science

or just fancy brand

A what?

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yeah, fucking big science getting in on the water scene #bigwaterscience

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Hadn’t really considered getting someone drugs as a gift before.

It was a 99p bunch of daffodils from Sainsbo for the missus. Who says romance is dead?


Oh, and I just shelled out over twenty quid for a new battery and charger for my old PSP that Jimbo found.

some water bottle that you put some scent thing in and it makes your normal water taste like cola or whatever flavour scent pack you put idk!!

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Enjoy buying gifts, and big fan of gifts out of the blue.

Today’s purchase was £50 of baby clothes for my sister, could’ve spent so much as such good designs.

Struggling on the next gift purchase and down to a week left, going to end up with books and alcohol at this rate.

i consider every day in my presence to be an experience-based gift

that must be why it’s called presence

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i’ve got one. it’s largely bollocks.

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Get Mrs F little presents all the time, usually just stuff she likes from the supermarket or whatever. Also like to buy my little nephew cool stuff when I see it.

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Oh mate, those f’ing Air Up bottles. It’s all I hear about. Finally buckled yesterday and ordered my son one.

tiktok truly is the new pester power

Got my mum and dad a couole if bottles of wine to say thanks for doing me a childcare solid on Friday

I was wondering how that fad spread - might have known it was TikTop. He’s not on it (not for lack of trying) but it must filter down anyway in the playground.

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£4 can o’ beer for the flatmate

presents for mum’s bday before that, totalling to like £100ish

Tickets to an orchestra/rock band combo for my dad’s birthday.