when did you last

jagjag do you think i’m going to stand outside aiming a large garden hose at my gob?

seems on brand


Got my niece a book just because I saw it and decided to send it to her.

She’s quite old school so likes books, records etc. makes gifts a lot easier.

Bought my housemate some chocolates back from my holiday. How imaginative.

Bought this an hour ago because I feel guilty for being a rubbish mum



Bought my daughter a bottle of Smirnoff red and 3x bars of vegan chocolate for her birthday. Need to wrap it all up and leave the flat in the next 20 mins or so but I’m sprawled on the sofa

I’ll give her some money too, she never has time to find things she wants and that’s what I would have wanted at her age

Ours arrived, and I agree. It’s shite. My son is made up with it though. Thinks its the best thing ever.