when did you see or use a keyboard with a plastic protection cover?

I can’t even find pictures of them on the internet

they used to come with electronic typewriters. someone i/my family used to visit had one and i was allowed to play on it. cant remember who it was though.

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Used to see them in warehouses when I was stock counting as an auditor. Think they were there to stop people dicking about with machines that were running.

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would you love to press (and maybe lick???) these keys

  • press
  • lick
  • press & lick
  • n/a

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got any pics?

In Portugal, part of the extreme measures they’re taking there to stop the COVID spread. The measures they had there in general were so much stricter than in NL that it was like a reality check and now I’ve become stricter myself

I HATE the feel of those sorts of things I would like to just look from a distance, but you don’t ahve that as a poll option