When did you start school compared to your birthday


i have just found out my daughter, born on the 16th august 2014, will be likely the youngest in her year at school, thanks to the wierd english school starting dates and that.

i was born in september, and started school in august 1990, in scotland, which runs from March n to February (n+1).


Born in Jan mate, slap bang in the middle. My birthday was however always the day you went back to school after Xmas which was shit.


October, so therefore one of the hardest, coolest cats in the year


September birthday, regularly the oldest in my class


Born late July, usually the youngest in my class. I’m a fucking genius though so aced all my exams and what not.


I can’t remember (I think there was some kind of phased entry). But my youngest started school this month, just a few weeks after her 4th birthday. She’s coped alright but has been knackered by the end of each week, bless her.


Late September so I was one of the oldest.




August birthday, so started in the September and was one of the youngest in the year. It’s estimated that the difference between August and September birthdays is worth one grade per subject at GCSE level.


March. I can hardly remember any of reception, I know my mum kept me at home a lot of the time because I was a pretty sensitive kid? found my feet in Year 2 at my third school.


June, so one of the youngest.

One of my mates has his birthday on the 29th August and another is the 5th September, nearly a whole year between them but in the same class at school


So you mean in the wrong direction for an August birth, in that they’re behind?




i’m a precious may child so on the younger end i guess.
most kids i knew seemed to be born january-march


I was born in November and a few of us autumn kids started in the nursery class at my primary school when we turned 4 (in January I think). Once we got to reception a load of summer-borns started in January so they were essentially a year behind us already. Most of them ended up in middle and bottom set at secondary school while most of the autumns/winters were in top/middle. Not ideal really.


April. Scotland.


Born in April 89. Started school in September.93.


I was born august 31st, so always the youngest, was born 3 weeks early too so probably should’ve been in the year below really