When do these things start and end?

(Night 2 for @anon50098204)

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Morning starts at 5am
Afternoon starts when you’ve eaten lunch
Evening starts when you’ve got home from work
Night starts when you go to bed
Night2 starts when you go to sleep


Morning 4:00 - 11:59
Afternoon 12:00 - 17:59
Evening 18:00 - 21:59
Night 22:00 - 3:59

though times may vary

morning - 10 am
afternoon - 3 pm
evening - 5 pm
night - whenever it gets dark (in the winter this means before it’s evening sometimes)
night 2 - 5 am

Morning starts when you wake up. How could it not???

Because sometimes you wake up and it isn’t morning

I’m interested in @anon50098204’s take on this.

Morning I-IV
Late Night

There’s a delivery guy at work who always says morrrninnnn when he arrives sometimes it’s like 2pm. I’m not going to tell him he’s wrong.

And nor should you.

I do this a fair bit, if it’s the first time I’ve seen someone that current day, or if I left the house early and haven’t been home yet. Was walking the dog over the weekend and said good morning to a local friend of a friend of a friend who had obviously just picked her kid up from school. At 3:40 pm.

Do you think the world snaps out of existence when you’re unconscious? Are you Thanos?

The early Morn - 12am - 6am
Morning - 6am -12pm
Lunch 12 - 2
Afternoon - 2 - 5
Unclear - 5 - 7
Evening - 7 - 11 (like the shop, but minus 8 hours)
Night - dawn - dusk

Take that, sticky man

If anyone said Good Evening to me at 5 I would bop them on the nose at once.

At 22:59 “Good night, thewarn”

“What are you talking about, it’s not night yet, it’s still evening!”

Look, what I’m trying to say is that is total bullshit.

Morning 4am-noon
Afternoon noon-5
Evening 6-11pm
Nighttime 11-4am

Who knows what 5-6pm is

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12am and 12pm are terribly ambiguous terms.

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4am-12pm: Morning
12.01pm-5pm: Afternoon
5.01pm-8pm: Evening (9pm during BST)
8pm-2am: Night
2.01am-3.59am: Early hours/Dead Of Night