When do you listen to new music?


I’ve found myself listening to less and less new music and it’s quite bad, but I’m finding opportunities hard to come by. When I was younger and at college or whatever and had little to do, I used to cram it in but now I don’t know when the opportunity arises. When I’m travelling I use my iPod so can’t put anything new on there unless downloaded before.

What do you do when checking out new stuff?


I’ve got Spotify at work so it’s pretty easy. I tend to do new stuff first thing as I’m more open to it. Later in the day I usually go for tried and tested.


I used to do it when playing PES or something and have it in the background, might just buy that again.


Yep. Only reason I ever played Fifa, but I did it a lot.


Whilst cooking
When driving alone
If I have any low-intensity uni work to do


While out walking, or just when I’m hanging around in the house. I live in a house of musicians, so we’re always listening to something here. I do reviews as well so that helps.

Re: using an iPod. I find myself using mine for archive releases, unless I get a download for an album before it’s released. Otherwise I use Spotify or I listen to the best radio show I’ve ever heard, An Taobh Tuathail on Radio na Gaeltachta.


When walking between work/going out.
When I’m hanging about the flat cooking or whatever


Love the New Music thread here on a Friday. The office is quiet on Friday’s with most folks opting to work from home so I always head in & line up new albums to stream. Always get great recommendations from Dissers.
Walking/Exercise tends to be tried/tested albums & playlists.


recently been getting back into doodling/painting as a thing to do while listening to music. Get into it and go on a run of a couple of full albums, great laff


Sometimes have to force it a little, in these modern times when I could have any album or song at my fingertips. So when driving is a good one, you can blast it then too. On the headphones in work too. Or I fill up my mp3 player (phone…) with just new music plus stuff I haven’t fully gotten into and binge on that. Putting the whole lot on shuffle is good too to keep the interest up. At the end of the year I just put new music on pretty much through December and give it all a proper listen, downloading a wodge of stuff from best-ofs.


Yeah, this. Basically dedicate Fridays to finding new stuff to listen to while working.


Been caning the new Nick Hoppner off your recommendation. Had never heard of him - listened to one of his earlier albums yesterday too, great stuff.


It’s great, aye - looking like my AOTM. I’ve not checked out his back catalogue though. Adds to to-do list


Check out my playlists at:

I purposefully started collating these playlists to force me to hunt down new music. I was falling into the trap of only listening to the bands that I had in my own collection.

BBC radio 6 have brilliant weekly playlists and they update their Spotify playlist every week too - highly recommend you look into it.

Other sites like AOTY and ADM allow you to find new releases and see what the reviews look like.

Loads of great new releases out there.


A lot of this - I add new releases that are of interest from various sources to a 2017 (whatever year playlist) which is often shuffled when in the car or at a loose end of things to listen to - often reminding you of a release you meant to listen to, or something new that you fancy delving into the full album. Usually thousands and thousands of tracks by year end.

Usually listen to new releases properly in the evening between 9-midnight when I’m unwinding after a days work on the internet or whatever. Also listen to some new music whilst commuting as my journey is 30 minutes each way so quite a nice length.


I am geekily self disciplined about this…not proud of this but it works for me… listen to new music at work and let it sink in semi-consciously and on the commute home I listen properly and form a more defined opinion - I also have a self-imposed minimum 5 listen rule unless I know its not going to hit home…the amount of LPs I love that I wouldn’t have loved if I had stopped at 2-3 listens is huge

From Friday afternoon and the weekend and holidays I dig out the favourites etc

It is faintly ridiculous to have a routine but I find it useful in this age of infinite choice