When do you reckon mainstream culture in general was at it's "worst"

Like, you know how everyone’s Nan is always going on about how things were better before and how people were all scared about Elvis Presley being morally dangerous and that but then each generation that followed it had an equivalent that was less wholesome and more “dangerous” than the one before it.

I reckon a lot of us grew up at the point where that downward spiral reached it’s nadir and that things have become more wholesome after it.

The nu-metal, South Park, Eminem, Jackass, Dirty Sanchez, WWF Attitude Era turn of the millennium bit was a fucking gross time to be a child in hindsight wasn’t it. Fun to live through but in terms of parents being scared of what their kids are consuming I reckon that’s probably about as bad as it got?

Will be lucky to get 8 replies out of this I reckon.

in the old days you’d have been guaranteed more than 8 votes, probably 100, things were better then


18 March AD 37 – 24 January AD 41


mid-late 2000s peak ironic racism era


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Mid 00s where celebrity culture had become a parody of itself and every channel four show was a freak show. Basically the era time trumpet.


Yeah probably the early-2000s because of the stuff you mentioned. I loved a bit of Linkin Park and that when I was 11 but but the rest of that culture was pretty toxic. I mean fuck, someone the other day posted Down With The Sickness and I hadn’t even realised how fucking disgusting and misogynistic the midsection lyrics were.

It’s much nicer being female/a bit foreign these days where even Pepsi are desperate to appear socially conscious, as opposed to hearing other people your age spouting hateful shit because they heard it through the Marshall Mathers LP (me included tbf). It didn’t matter how satirical and knowing South Park was if 12-year-old boys would just take it literally. Like, my boyfriend at 16 used to love to recite the line “I just don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die” - they probably wrote it to take the piss out of backward middle-aged men but my dickhead boyfriend thought it was brilliant.


Yup, this is bang on exactly what I’m referring to.

Like parental shock at their teens’ habits is as old as the concept of a teenager but I sometimes remember whacking Kim on in the car with my Mum driving and feel sad about how appalled she must have been by it.

Like you said, a lot of these things (especially South Park) are different when viewed as satire or whatever but at the time, when you’re an idiot pubescent dickhead you just take it at face value.

Similarly, I look back on the Attitude Era of wrestling so fondly for so many reasons but going back and actually watching some of the undercard storylines and the treatment of women etc and it was truly, truly horrendous and I’d be appalled to think of kids these days watching it and absorbing it.


Late 90s when everything had to be edgy.

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Also the all encompassing success of Manchester United Football Club was pretty bleak to suffer through


I personally, thoroughly enjoyed all of that.


Redondo’s mugging off of Henning Berg was probably the happiest football had ever made me prior to Fulham’s promotion

That’s very true. I used to have to go round Mark’s house for all my most depraved entertainment needs.

I guess these days it’s harder to monitor but I feel like the appetite for the same sort of thing isn’t there as much? Probably just because I’m literally in my thirties now and have absolutely no clue what the teens are up to these days…

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Yeah it must be hard being a parent these days when kids have phones, cameras, iPads and Snapchat and you’ve got no way of knowing what they’re doing or who they’re sending pics to. I got a bollocking when my mum looked at the search history on our home computer when I was a kid and saw I’d been looking at Rotten.com because the cool kids at school had been talking about it and I wanted to know what it was

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not sure if it’s better or worse that South Park is probably more straightfaced than many would like to admit. At the very least being an edgelord is probably not quite the same as satire.

South Park aside, who were probably one of the better facets of the era, late 90s/early 00s mainstream in general was pretty trash.


My nephew is 5 and sometimes watches youtube on people’s phones - he like to watch some wildlife stuff or cartoon/toy things, but you have to keep an eye on it because all he has to do is select a couple of related videos and before you know it he’s on some sweary and unsuitable computer game review or something.

(on a slightly related note, it was staggering how quickly he picked up using a phone when he was younger, just from watching others - he was probably about 3 and my brother woke up one morning and the kid had unlocked his phone, opened youtube, selected the voice search and said “Hulk superman batman” to the phone and was happily watching videos).

Maybe? Definitely.

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Right now is pretty grim isn’t it?

Love Island, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, Instagram celebrities, vloggers, news consumed via memes, a sense of being entitled to recognition and praise for creating or doing very little.

On the other hand - pop music is absolutely GREAT at the moment.

I’m not talking “worst” in terms of quality, I’m talking in terms of moral bankruptcy innit, those things are bad but there not as bad as a wildly popular song about a man graphically murdering his ex-wife and her son and disposing of the body…