When everyone was going nuts about The Strokes, what were you listening to?

With all the Strokes anniversary chat, been thinking about how non-plussed I was at the time (I found them a bit annoying tbh). A year or two before I’d been through a big 70s New York phase after getting obsessed with Marquee Moon and Patti Smith’s Horses, and digging into the various compilations and 70s rock journalism.

Then I got into Jonathan Fire*Eater, then The Walkmen and quickly found myself obsessed with Interpol and acts that sat just outside of the emo world like Rival Schools, Pretty Girls Make Graves, At the Drive-in, Alkaline Trio, Deftones, Idlewild and Icarus Line.

But my most listened to album of 2001 was - predictably perhaps - Vespertine. And had just discovered The Shins.

How about you?

This is it

2001 was great though

Rated R
Relationship of Command

Errr… the green album!


I am rubbish with remembering the year things came out but I’d have been 2nd/ 3rd year at uni so was listening to Icaurus Line, Trail of Dead and Les Savy Fav.

I think I’d just discovered Ikara Colt too.

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1000% this. Seeing them live was like nothing else around that time. One of the most ridiculous live acts I’ve ever seen (and yes I saw Less Than Jake and Slipknot)


I saw them in Manchester in 2001-02 supported by The Mars Volta.

At one point, Tim was in the crowd forcing people to clap and getting other people to hold his mike while he clapped for them.

There were, maybe, 100 people in the crowd.

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I was at Reading 2001. Loads of kids wearing blazers and jeans there going for The Strokes/Jeremy Clarkson look.

I quite like the Hamell on Trial album at the time and so went and saw him at the smaller tent instead of The Strokes.

The Strokes’ debut is actually pretty good although there was far better stuff out there at the time.

(Meant as a reply to the OP and not specifically @keith . I’ve pretty much ballsed up this reply with loads of errors.)

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Steve Wynn
My Morning Jacket
Bobby Conn
Yo La Tengo

I was mostly listening to the Strokes.

Aside from them was listening a lot to the Super Furry Animals, Cornershop, Avalanches and Grandaddy around that time.

The Moldy Peaches, Pantera, Tony Iommi’s solo album

Oh you’ve probably not heard of them


The Strokes.


Now that is a name I haven’t heard in years. He painted an obscene mural on the walls of our rehearsal room a few years back when he was using it. Had no inkling that anyone else had ever heard of him.


The Strokes.


Cannibal ox
Aphex twin
Techno animal

Kind of disillusioned with most guitar music then, so the strokes/white stripes etc mostly passed me by.


Really wasn’t engaged with new releases in the early 2000s.
Sure I would have been really into The Strokes if it had come out a decade before.

So I was mainly listening to artists I’d already been a fan of for years - Bjork, Air, Bonnie Prince Billy, Gorky’s, Labradford, The Handsome Family, Stereolab, The Silver Jews.

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Why isn’t Brotherhood of the Bomb on Spotify, dammit?!


Was fully on board the Is This It hype train. Also on rotation:

White Stripes - White Blood Cells
Elbow - Asleep in the Back
Mercury Rev - All is Dream
Air - 10,000 Hz Legend
Aphex Twin - Drukqs


S Club 7 :woman_singer:


Green velvet, Richie hawtin, Adem Beyer, Jeff mills, all the warp I could get hold of.

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Run Come Save Me - Roots Manuva