When I have my lunch

I add this emoji :sandwich: to my status on Slack. So people know that I may not respond for a bit.

Does anyone else do that?


of course I fucking don’t


but that’s because I don’t use Slack, probably would if I did



Barleysugar… That was a haiku!

what if you’re not having a sandwich?

I don’t know what Slack is.

Bit slack of you

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Really struggling with lunch choice today. Would probably have soup but all the choices are bit curry-y and planning on making curry soon.

Just want some hummus and stuff but there is none in.

Cut me some Slack - for my sandwich!

Does it not make it harder to sneak an extra half hour break?

Also, if I email someone at lunchtime I automatically expect a delayed response, I don’t need a status update - it’s lunchtime!

So,….no I don’t

what if you’re not having a sandwich for lunch?

My old company where we used Slack had a bunch of pre-set statuses you could set, one of which was lunch (which automatically ran for an hour. Think it used a burrito for an emoji).

Use Teams at my new place and don’t bother.


smart casual


yeah I do this

I’ve seen some people do it but with different dishes all the time like :spaghetti: or :green_salad: or whatever

no one asked m9



only if I’m lunching at a weird time

should start just chucking it on at 12:45 for an hour and taking in that sweet sweet double lunch break shouldn’t i

we use Teams at work so none of this

the website/magazine i write for a bit has moved the organisation stuff from a Facebopk group to Slack and i don’t really know how to use Slack so my contributions have gone way down because now i just wait until someone asks me to write something

(also i’m lazy so my contributions were going down anyway)