When I see an AA (recovery/fixing service) worker I immediately assume they are kindly

Are you kindly?

yup :fu:


I’m v kindly. V v kindly indeed


That’s what they want you to think Balonz. It’s just a front for drowning kittens in the back of their van.

Should I be hostile towards them? I can see one in the distance at the moment.

Change a tyre, drown a couple of kittens, rinse repeat.

are you a cat lover? This will colour your decisions over how to proceed.

I have a couple. They have woken me up the last two nights scratching the carpet on the stairs. So I’m undecided.

You tell me


That’s a big van. Kittens are very small.

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A very nice man. A very very nice man


Think the real AA person is also tied up in the back.


His name was Chris and can confirm he was extremely kindly.

Wait you made your AA man pose for a photo next to his van!?

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i am definitely kind

of a dick

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Bad Tone’s locked safely back in the filing cabinet then?


Think that if I broke down somewhere, instead of standing on a grass verge on the side of the road looking like a mug, I would just ‘pop the hood’ and stand over the engine looking in as if I knew what I was doing while I wait for the AA to turn up

  • This is more dangerous, but makes you look more clever
  • This is silly

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I did but this photo is of me, which Chris took. And I kept the jacket.

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That is very kind of him. Was this your first meeting with Chris?