When I see an AA (recovery/fixing service) worker I immediately assume they are kindly

I used to work in the AA car insurance call centre. It was hell on earth. Customers howling down the phone threatening to kill you, no morning or afternoon breaks, the call floor ran by officious vindictive team leaders. The whole place contained within a dismal grey building in a soulless out of town business park.

I’ve worked for the AA and I ain’t ever going back…not never.

Yes but it was like meeting an old friend.

Here’s another photo of the day


What a fucking day!

That is like a poodle dalmatian with a saddle.

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AHA! I have been done. And spoiled your joke. Sorry.

Were the kittens centrally supplied or were the road operatives expected to harvest their own?

Misread this as kinky. Sad now.

That’s the RAC, right bunch of randy bastards!

My aunt worked in that call centre. Said it was quite nice.

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Not really anymore

Ah, the scousers’ favourite breakdown service.