When I see _______ I always _________


When I see someone on nine likes, I always click to give them the notification of “Nice Reply”.


Shapes, argue


When I see the red man I always cross the road anyway


my mum, give her your best wishes


When i see an advert with James Corden, I always turn it off


the girl on the platform, smile


Yep, sticking this on RIGHT NOW.


An empty socket turned on; turn it off


When I see my brand of deodorant on offer I always buy a couple for future use


^ stinky AND cheap!


A red door, paint it black


well-prepared and cheap, more like!


(hate that song)


When I see well-prepared and cheap I always more like!

… this doesn’t make sense pal.


That made me laugh more than it should have, you clown :smiley:

(inb4: When I see That made me laugh more than it should have, I always you clown :D)


When I see a hearse/graveyard I always hold my breath

* weird habit rather than believing any bollocks


myself in a mirror, check if his right hand is my right hand or if it’s backwards


when i see an ambulance i always fight the urge to say “they’ll never sell ice-cream at that speed”

due to years of mental conditioning. thanks dad.



totally nicking this


He’s trained you well for posting on here, tbf