When is a good time to go to bed?


…or when do you feel you SHOULD be in bed by?

Old people only please.

Trying to make some positive changes, thanks x


In bed about 11 to read and usually asleep by 12. Used to be different on fri/sat but got no life so pretty much the same now.


feels too late for me, I’m thinking in bed by 10:30 would be a nice sweet spot.




When I intend to wake up minus eight hours, whenever possible


What time do you go to bed on a school night?

  • 9-10pm
  • 10-11pm
  • 11-12am
  • 12-1am
  • Later than 1am
  • Other (its actually a VERY interesting story because… etc)

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Fall asleep on the sofa about half 9. Wake up around midnight and go to bed. Wake up about 5am, get out of bed about half 6.


Part 2

  • I’m fine with that
  • I should go to bed earlier
  • I should go to bed later
  • Other (interesting story)

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Tend to go about half 11 to get up at half 8. Usually takes me about half hour/hour to sleep


man maybe I’m actually really ill then :frowning:


I guess it depends why you’re going to bed later than you’d like. If there are small changes you can make (caffeine intake, alcohol intake, screen use) then all well and good. I’ve never struggled with getting to sleep but I do tend to wake up around 3/4am most nights and be awake for a short while. I have quite a lot on my mind at the moment and I’ve not really worked out a good way of processing it at that time of night.


I go to bed at 10pm during the week.
Wake up at around 6:15am


Ideal number of hours sleep to be a functioning person?

  • 6 or less
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10 or more
  • Functioning? Never heard of it haha

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Just remembered i did all these same polls a little while back. Oh well.


I have to get up for work at around 6.30am, so usually go to bed at 11 in the week.

My natural pattern when I’m not working though is to stay up much later and wake up between 10-11am. Would much prefer doing this tbh, but not many jobs allow you to rock up at midday, unfortunately.


I’m in a really bad habit of needing a podcast to fall asleep to, I’m a bit afraid of my own thoughts so can’t spend any time in silence really.


I used to use the ricky gervais xfm shows all the time to fall asleep too


If you tend to stay on a computer late at night then you could install f.lux

It slowly dims your screen to a warmer colour later in the evening and really made a noticeable difference to me when i used it.


Nice bit of shrill laughter to lull you to sleep. (Yeah I listen to podcasts/ asmr/spoken word stuff)


Haha i am sure I have woken up to Gervais’ guffaw on more than one occasion


Sounds more terrifying than the time my radio alarm clock woke me up with Satan by Orbital