When is the best time to try a new takeaway place?

Had this discussion last night re: trying the other Chinese in our town as opposed to our usual one which has gone shit. My argument was that you don’t want to risk it on a weekend or whenever when you’ve built getting a nice takeaway up as a treat, and also if you’re knackered and/or sad or whatever and you’re getting one to cheer yourself up, it’s not worth the punt. I reckon just a mundane weeknight, on the spur of the moment is the optimal moment to give new takeaways a go, but let’s chat about it a bit too.

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VOUCHER, it’s when you’ve got a voucher, mate


Places around here don’t do vouchers, sorry I’m not from the big city.


The places don’t have the vouchers, the apps do :wink:

Hahaha there isn’t even a damn bus in this town after 7pm let alone a Deliveroo person! The South Hams hasn’t embraced these things yet.

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After 7pm usually

Be the change you want to see in the world…

turn into a bus

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Take something seriously for once in your life please.


Where’s the joke?!

I’m looking at him pal.

but I actually thought this the other day, usually stick to the same old places. Might branch out tonight

Keep toying with the idea of getting one of those German Kebab things but despite one being open for about a year just across the road, still not bothered with it.

Reckon Friday nights the best time to try one

brb covering my webcam

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#yolo all the way. Even if it’s worse, it’s an experience

But do you want your Friday night spoiled by an inadequate dinner? Much better to sacrifice a Tuesday or something.

Works best when you’re hungry

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When you have a group of people so you can sample a wide variety of the menu

Sorry this doesnt give you a temporal answer

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I don’t have any friends unfortunately.


Always got Saturday to rectify the disappointment (and drink). Dont want to come home after a hard days work, have a shite tea then realise you have to go to bed soon to work again the next day

I agree, but sadly I am not a millionaire so won’t be having two takeaways in a row.

When it’s open?