When is too early for lunch? (incorporating Tuesday Lunches) (and Wednesday too I suppose)

I have a very lax attitude towards this but there presumably must be a cut off.

Personally lunching depends on when I start the day and justifications can be made when the calendar is hellish but anything after 11:20am is fair game imo.

Might start calling it a brunch break instead.

I have just had lunch


Never ever before noon


4am-10am: Breakfast
10am-11am: Brunch
11am-3pm: Lunch
3pm-5pm: Tea
5pm-11pm: Dinner
11pm-4am: Midnight snack.

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i’d be really sad if it was 11:30 and i’d already eaten my lunch. would probably think of a reason to go home early


Big cake in the afternoon to see you through

alright shit Mark Wahlberg


Used to do this

Lunch at 11:45
Go out and get a massive flapjack at Sainsbury’s at 1:30ish

Put on loads of weight SOMEHOW, although the actual reason i stopped was because the person at the cake counter knew exactly what I was gonna buy and would sometimes bag it up as I was walking up, which was just so embarrassing, so very very embarrassing


The sandwich man (that’s the company name, not me being patronising / sexist) comes to our work at around 10:30, so sometimes I have to sit with a nice juicy butty staring at me for the rest of the morning.

In such trying circumstances, any time from 11:30 is fair game.

But then there’s a snowball effect and I end up wanting my tea / dinner early and then eat snacks before bed.

As you can see, it’s a hard life sometimes.

Used to buy the packets of TTD cookies in Sainsbury’s and have one each day throughout the week. Only four in a pack so there was one sad day. Thank Christ I now work in middle of rural nowhere and Londis is a 30 min walk.

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At work: 12pm, anything before that makes the afternoon too long, anything later I’m too hungry
At home: any time after 11am, anarchy reigns

Is this the daily lunch thread, please clarify?

when I worked in an office, it would be around 12:30. no earlier. don’t get people who eat their lunch at like 10 in the morning.

Have lunch at work at about 11:30. But I usually work 8am-4pm :man_shrugging:

No this is a separate thread on lunch timings

Well that’s pretty disappointing

I had a sandwich and then some hotel chocolate easter eggs

Very happy for this to be the lunch thread if there isn’t one already! Moderators may need to amend the thread title for clarity

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…Mods, it’s Wednesday

another one in the pockets of Big Cake