When it comes to food that mixes lots of ingredients in one dish

…such as a salad or a stew or what have you. Do you prefer for the bits of said ingredients to be roughly the same size so that you can get a little of everything with every spoonful, or do you like the bits of ingredients to be different sizes so each mouthful is a different experience?

I prefer to be able to get a little bit of everything with each bite, so tend to go for relatively small and consistent chunks of veg etc when preparing a meal.

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Go on!

I think each element of a salad should be cut according to what’s best for that thing. I like really thin slices of red onion, halved cherry tomatoes, halved, de-seeded and sliced cucumber, torn olives, whole leaves, peppers cut into fingers.


Sometimes I want them to merge into one thing (bolognese, pico de gallo) so will chop everything very small.

Sometimes I want chunks of different flavours in the same sauce/dressing (stews, panzanella) so will chop things bigger

objectively best cut items for salad

top left


Couple of quick notes here: 1) I know that halved cherry tomatoes is the standard but it’s too big imo, I cut them in four instead. 2) I have never in my life heard of anyone de-seeding cucumbers until just now.

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White onion looks far too chunky too

honestly, can see why people living north of say, southern france, would want to keep their salad items as small as possible. tastes totally different when you don’t have good quality veg to choose from.


on average, everything with each bite but the occasional bite which shows off how good x, y or z is can be a delight

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Best salad I ever had was in Athens and had a whole uncut slab of feta on the top drizzled with oil and pepper

This is like when people say veg from their allotment tastes nicer but it obviously tastes the same. Just about good varieties rather than where/how its grown

nah fam. fruit and veg just tastes better the further south you go in Europe.

don’t shoot the messenger!


Allotment is fresh. Supermarket is decent quality, so they balance out.

Southern Europe is fresh and good quality and better. Always try to make pan con tomate after coming back from Spain and realise the magic to it is in how much better the tomatoes are there.

Still an A tier snack obviously but nowhere near as good

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no, sorry, it’s a bit of a fallacy. You either have the environment to grow certain veg/varieties of veg, or you don’t. Shipping veg for import earlier will impact taste as it’s picked too soon, but that’s about it. Sorry mate!
Also, apparently Uk imports majority of its tomatoes from Netherlands! probably grown in some giant greenhouse in the flat lands with about as much sun as the UK.

well yeah, my point exactly.

but that wasn’t your point. You said veg in Southern Europe tastes better, whereas my point was if you can grow it, be it greenhouse, or just enough sun, you won’t taste any difference.

you think the tomatoes grown in a greenhouse in the Netherlands taste the same as those grown in Spain or Italy?

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Genuinely irked at myself sharing a food opinion with the prof but this is absolutely wild, wigless opinion having