When it properly comes down to it

normal M&Ms are the best chocolate you can get. Use this thread to agree with me.


Crispy tho


Always thought it was a bloody cheek how lazy M&Ms are for their variations in the UK

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The mint ones and peanut butter ones are very very nice but you can’t beat the orginals.

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Prefer a Malteser

Never made my own

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Very big fan but cracked a tooth on some once so haven’t been back

Smarties are better than m&ms and smarties are still pretty meh in the grand scheme of chocolate.

Sort of dreck I’d expect from Prof or tekkerz, this

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Not a big chocolate fan tbh so dont really have many opinions on the matter

This is the delirious word-slurry of a maniac and absolutely nothing you ever say after it can be trusted



more like



Only plain m&ms obviously. Crispy and peanut are both decent

Smarties have that orange flavoured plastic on some of them

No one likes that


Peanut butter ones are better

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probably not in my top 50 chocolate snacks

Lets have the full list


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they’re quite good but i wouldn’t go that far

M&Ms are way too expensive for what they are. Haven’t bought them in years, aside from absurdly overpriced bag of peanut butter ones (the best) when I needed to get an online order over the minimum delivery price.

Always used to like to get the peanut ones for when I travel. Saw them as the perfect do it all snack if I ever got waylaid without any other food.

brownie ones are decent

The share size bags are like £1. In this crazy world, that’s a bargain.