When it's Spring again, they'll bring again...

Gonna be a full on day here. Had my review yesterday which was much better than I thought it’d be. Roll on Thursday

I mean, I’m assuming this is the daily thread, but 🤷 if it isn’t


Morning fuckers

Going to view a room in half an hour, if I take it I’ll have moved 4 times in 3 months and 8 in 15 :sunglasses: but it looks nice and double the size of my current one for an extra tenner a month, so probs worth it.

Other than that, work

@rich-t same

Morning @Joke2000 Morning @rich-t morning @midnightpunk

Love a tulip me.
Off to work but in my incredible leopard Adidas and a mega hoodie so could be worse.

Have a top Tuesday everyone.


I’m just exhausted atm. Can’t seem to feel anything but absolutely knackered and demotivated. The sun helps a bit, but….

Might make some bread later. They’re changing the pipes in our house starting tomorrow, so that’ll be the beginning of 2.5 weeks showering in a portakabin outside. Oof.

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Me too, hate it

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My legs ache and my bum aches

Boy I’m in a daze

Might as well stop unpacking at this rate mate


On one level, I totally understand being ‘kind to myself’ etc, because it’s been a year of the pandemic and blah blah blah… but it’s exhausting and miserable to feel like this all the time.

I know I probably need to exercise and…idk meditate or whatever… but it’s hard to even get the energy for that!


My credit card has been blocked for making payments for my website renewal and lloyds said last night they had fixed it, but surprise, surprise, still blocked and I cannot get through to speak to someone as when I get through all the security bits the phone rings once and then I get disconnected. FUCKS SAKE.

Morning all!

I’ve got a maximum of five students turning up this morning for assessed presentations this morning (although probably less than two), followed by an online exam with my afternoon class. There will be some pass-agg emails sent and bits of admin completed during those times too.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Fingers crossed the room is suitable ans you move in and can live their comfortably for a while :crossed_fingers:

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I have an appointment at lunchtime today. Lunchtime! Not on at all. When I agreed to it the time was for an hour earlier but it got pushed back and I didn’t really have the option to say that wasn’t ok.

Going back to bed.

Had this stuck in my head all morning

It’s official, I’m moving in two weeks :sweat_smile:


What’s wrong with the current place?

Let’s listen to the source, shall we?

Bit grotty, tiny room, loud housemates. Could bear it for another 6 months but as this is such a big upgrade for a tenner more, it’s worth the move I think