When music and location dovetail

Picked up a copy of the self titled ‘this will destroy you’ LP, which I love. Always takes me back to my first listen…headphones on, head leaning on the window of a coach, travelling through mountain roads. Surroundings perfectly matched the music.

Had any moments like that? Do tell.


It’s always music that I listened to while driving around as a teen that really sticks with me in this way.

This one immediately transports me back to driving around late at night in the suburbs of stockport in the middle of winter when everybody sensible is fast asleep, rolling around quiet rainy streets on my own.


This reminds me of working in warehouses at night;


many years ago when I lived overseas, I was getting the train home one night listening to my iPod on shuffle. Bela Lugosi’s Dead came on as I was making my way up through the station and it was in full flow when I came out onto the street on Halloween evening to find myself surrounded by loads of hip-high witches and vampires.


A few years ago on holiday in north Cornwall I went for a wander to watch the sea crashing against the cliffs and had this album on headphones. Beautiful.

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first that comes to mind was just listening to this wandering around town, and the skies opening just at the “the rain, the rain” chanted section

Just started grinning and dancing about like a fool


Yes, absolutely.

The standout for me is listening to 2814’s Birth of a New Day having just landed in Tokyo. Getting the train from the airport into the city just as it had gotten dark, headphones on. All the neon signs lighting up, people commuting, catching glimpses of martial arts classes in building windows. Was surreal.


In the early 90s travelling through the night from Berlin to Prague on a coach. A friend gave me a tape for my walkman, it was Brian Eno’s ‘Thursday Afternoon’ - I always associate it with that journey.


Enjoying listening to this, new to me.

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I used to make myself playlists of ambient music, buy a few piwos and go and watch the sparsestly attended non-league game I could find. Something particularly existential about listening to that type of music, on your own, on a dark autumn or winter night and watching a bunch of people do something which in the grand scheme of things is completely and utterly pointless.


Walking home down Ashbourne road in Derby at 2am during a snow storm, everything covered in thick snow, no cars, no people, just me and Moderat in the chill, fat snowflakes falling around me lit by the sulphur yellow of the street lamps.


So many options. Here’s the strongest two.

When Dad drove us back from seeing his parents in Doncaster in the mid-00s, there would be a point where he’d feel the need for something uptempo to help get him through the last part of the drive. In time, that came to be Underworld. It was a coin flip between Everything Everything (the best live record ever) or A Hundred Days Off. In a car, somewhere near Nottingham on the M1, in midwinter, tracking each passing light, is where I feel I am whenever I hear this track.

There are also records that are made that are intended to be of actual places, and whilst it’s rare to find one that I can directly relate to, Kyiv Eternal by Heinali hits in a very special way. I know all of those places; they aren’t abstract or mythical, and some are integral to specific memories. The current absence of them in my life made this record hit harder.

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