When people call themselves a geek/nerd


What do they mean


I think they mean that they’re a geek/nerd.


what does it signify damn it!!!


in my circles it seems to just mean they are at least mildly knowledgeable about something


Nowadays, that they have a passing interest in some of the biggest entertainment franchises of all time


Someone in work just described themselves as a nerd, only they must be about 45 and can’t remember them talking about anything that wasn’t, idk, restaurants or something. Can you be a restaurant nerd? Is that what they mean?


i would say that being a true geek/nerd is about pursuing interests/hobbies (and, in the process, acquiring a significant degree of knowledge and understanding about the topic) regardless of their popularity, without worrying about mainstream acceptance.

obviously in recent years the waters have been muddied by a lot of stereotypical ‘geek’ activities (esp comic books/comic book movies etc) being massively appropriated and consumed by the mainstream, and also by people using the word geek/nerd to just generally signify liking something.


I get confused when people say geeks and nerds are separate things as I don’t understand the difference. I remember reading this blog post years ago and it making my head hurt whenever I think about it since.


It means they’re different from the other people and that it is important to point this out.


people who never misbehave in school



But 45 means they’re of an age where being a nerd wasn’t cool so they’ve probably long since learned to never bring up computers/sci-fi/fantasy/etc. into any conversation. As such they only ever discuss bland topics.


There’s multiple things about this page that’re irking me considerably.


i think the big bang theory is an interesting example of the problem with mainstream appropriation of ‘geek’. it’s a show that claims to celebrate geek culture and intelligence and so on, and yet all the jokes are about the supposed social ineptitude of the characters, and how different they are from the ‘normies’.


Think realistically social ineptitude and nerdy interests are traits that go hand in hand though


I generally class it as having a particularly obsessive interest in a subject so if yer man spends all his time researching restaurants on yelp or something he’d probably count as a restaurant geek.


it means give them a wide berth


The thing that gets me about that show is all the characters are massively successful and rich, aren’t nerds supposed to be kind of losers, or has it attached itself to neoliberal ambition sort of thinking.


LOL i am such a GEEK i watch game of thrones m9


Losers at school but successful afterwards has always been the trope hasn’t it?