When people get all worried

that their washing has been left out in the rain, is it because it is wet and will need to stay out to dry again or because they think it will need rewashing because rain might be dirty?

  • Wet clothes
  • Dirty rain

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it’s a bit of both. wet clothes that don’t dry relatively quickly start to smell all weird don’t they?

If you use fabric conditioner, then being out in the rain can make the clothes go a bit crap as well.

Maybe in that London they’re worried the acid rain will burn through their stupid clothes.

acid rain doesn’t exist anymore. i read that somewhere at some point

how dare u

Wet clothes from rain are wetter than wet clothes from the machine

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No one in London has a garden to dry their clothes in anyway.


even if they had a space the clothes would be covered in smog the minute you put them outside anyway


Smog and cyclists and people not talking to each other on public transport

There was acid on the radio, acid on the brain, acid everywhere you go, acid in the rain

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the washing machine spin has helpted to dry the clothes. when the rains comes at them hard, they become saturated with water and take much longer to dry, making them smell in the process. plus, you know, acid rain in the 80s


take me in and dry the rain, take me in and dry the rain



they’re worried about this.

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The rain essential splashes dirt from the ground onto the clothes

i like the smell of rain

(alright, mortiis)

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Lol people in London having outdoor drying space