When people say everything happens for a reason

are they bloody joking?
I mean everything?

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not just some things or even just the things that happen due to provable causality, but ALL THE THINGS?

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I mean, things do happen because of stuff, and that stuff right there, that’s reasons. So to conclude, QED.

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by reason i think I mean causality with purpose btw, the kind I find so rare that it’s baffling to me this ever made it as a phrase

It freaks me out when I think of all the little things that happened that changed the direction of my life in various ways and what my life would be like if they hadn’t so I like to believe that everything happens for a reason otherwise I’d constantly be thinking what if

surely just because it led you to this point didn’t give it more meaning than the decisions you consciously made

I’m just gonna say it I do about 1000 things a day that mean nothing, have no causality and very little effect. i don’t think I’m alone in it.

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A lot of things have happened to me for a reason, that reason being that I’m frequently a short-sighted and unrealistic thinker with a poor grasp on this world.

also think the inherent arbitrary chaos in every aspect of life is one of the only ways I can live with untold suffering

No but does it not freak you out that your entire life depends on a chance occurrence? Like 12 years ago me and my housemate tossed a coin to see whether we would go out to a club or not at midnight, we went and she met her partner who she’s just had a baby with. Really freaks me out that none of that would’ve happened if it had gone the other way.


It is nuts and it does weird me out sometimes, but also

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sure it freaks me out, but never enough that it adds up to mean more than just chance

If it was tails you’d be having a baby with her partner?


I can’t remember which comic book it was, one of the grittier batman ones, where Two Faced can’t even go to the toilet unless his coin toss allows it

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there is loads of stuff that doesn’t mean anything though right
some things happen for a reason is a perfectly fine phrase why did someone spoil it

TBF Sliding Doors is actually quite a good movie

just one man and his door

Hate it. Especially when people use it to defend vile views.


Things just happen. No reason.

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One man and his door
Went to bend causality
One man, his friend/enemy, their partner, dog/cat, in London/Hull, might or might not have actually
Went to bend causality