When sat down at a table and eating a

Easy once you get it


that looks like a complicated method.

i start my triangle at one end work down then tuck very end in (if you want to put this in the out of context thread then go ahead)

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The only socially acceptable manoeuvre is to buy enough crisps that you can reasonably polish off a whole bag solo whilst still sharing. Huge faux pas not to, a distant cousin of shirking a round

Made friends with a member of airline staff by triangulising a crisp packet recently.

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Maaaan! I’d like to be eating a pub buffet right now.

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The initial question and this answer are the perfect summation of my love of DiS


I answered open the bag and take the crisps out one by one but that’s a lie because I usually grab three

Yeah I’m honestly a bit confused how often someone sits at a table to eat a packet of crisps, but then I rarely end up in a pub and even more rarely when I’m feeling peckish.

This is know as English tapas not a pub buffet

I just scarf them down. It’s just crisps at the end of the day